After Sales Service

(1) Online registration:

Fill in your product problem and personal information, the system will generate a service case for you.

(2) Sending products:

The courier company collects the products according to your appointment time and mails them to the Marvoto Service Center.

(3) Marvoto Service Center processing:

Receiving, testing, quoting, Marvoto will start repair after you accept the quotation and pay the fee.

(4) Processing completed and sent back:

After the repair is completed, the company will send back the repaired or replaced products back to your hands.

* According to the test results, if it is a non-human performance failure during the warranty period, it will be repaired or replaced for free according to the situation.

(5) Maintenance time:

For Hong Kong area, maintenance service effectiveness is 10 working days;

For Macao area, maintenance service effectiveness is 14 working days;