What is Belly Fit Z1 ?

Belly Fit Z1 can measure the thickness of subcutaneous fat in parts of the body, and help people who are losing weight and body sculpting to further control body shape and improve health by monitoring the data.
The struchture of skin and subcutaneous tissue : epidermal layer, dermal layer, fat layer, muscle layer, bone and so on.Between the fat layer and the muscle layer, there may also be some fascia with varying thickness and shape. Belly Fit Z1 actually measures the distance from the epidermis to the fascia between the fat layer and the muscle layer, including the thickness of the epidermal layer, dermal layer, and fat layer.

What is the technology behind Belly Fit Z1?

Belly Fit Z1 uses the technology of ultrasound.
Ultrasound is a sound wave with a frequency exceeding 20000 Hz. Ultrasound has the characteristics of directional propagation, reflectivity, and non-invasiveness, so it is often used for imaging of the human body. Belly Fit Z1 uses the ultrasonic sensor to transmit and receive ultrasonic signals, and then uses electrical signal and digital processing to generate ultrasound images of human subcutaneous tissue. Using algorithm to calculates the thickness of subcutaneous fat on the image and displays it on the APP.

Which parts of the body can Belly Fit Z1 measure?

At the moment, Belly Fit Z1 supports measurement of the waist and upper arms. More measurement points are under development ...

What is the recommeded age to use Belly Fit?

Recommended for age over 18 years old,some errors mya be occured in the measurement for under 18 years old.

How Belly Fit measure?

Step 1 Connect the device
Insert one end of the data cable into the device and the other into the mobile phone. After the device is connected, the APP will automatically pop up.

Step 2 Apply couplant
Squeeze an appropriate amount of couplant on the ultrasonic sensor.

Step 3 placed on the measurement site
Put the device on the skin of the measurement point (you can press it gently), and the device body is perpendicular to the skin.
Waist measurement : Any position with navel level;
Arm measurement : 2cm above the midpoint of the back of the upper arm;

Step 4 Press the button to measure
Press the button, the interface will display the subcutaneous tissue image. After the fat thickness is identified and calculated, the measurement result will be displayed in the center circle of the interface.
Each measurement result is automatically saved to the history.

How to read the sonogram of subcutaneous tissue?

as the picture shows:

Tips for scaning?

1. Press the skin gently to make the ultrasonic sensor contact the skin completely;
2. The device and skin remain vertical; (if the image does not show white bright lines, you can move up and down to adjust the device angle)
3. Reapply the couplant after measuring for a certain period of time; (Dried couplant will affect the result)
4, Try to keep the same measurement point in the next scan, the measurement results will be more comparable.

Why apply couplant when measuring?

Ultrasonic couplant is a gel made with water as the main ingredient. As the air between the ultrasound probe (ultrasonic sensor) and the skin will affect the transmission and reception of ultrasound, applying couplant can make the probe contact closely with the skin, eliminating the influence of air, which is conducive to get more clear Image. The couplant also makes it easier for the probe to slide on the skin.
After the measurement is complete, wipe the couplant with a paper towel.
If the couplant has been used up, it can be replaced by water, but the water is easy to dry, and it needs to be reapplied frequently.

Why is a message pop up at top of the APP during the measurement?

If an abnormal image caused by the incorrect operation method, a message will pop up . Please follow the message to scan correctly.

Why fail in scaning?

It is because the device can not distinguish the fat layer, from fascia and muscle layer.
There are two reasons:
The frist is that there are no bright and continuous white lines on the image. This may be due to the angle between device and skin is not in vertical. After the ultrasonic signal is transmitted, the echo signal cannot be received. Pls move the device perpendicular to the skin until showing the bright and continuous white lines.
The second reason is that there are too many white lines on the image, which are confusing, and do not conform to the regularity of the subcutaneous tissue image defined by Belly Fit. Please move the device a bit horizontally to see if the image has improved. Generally speaking, you can find a regular image from the measurement area suggested by Belly Fit.

Why does the device disconnect during measurement?

The disconnection of the device may be due to the connection of the data cable to the device or the connection of the data cable to the mobile phone being loose.
If the disconnect occurred frequently, please confirm whether the mobile phone USB interface is loose.

Can Belly Fit measure visceral fat?

No. Belly Fit only for measure subcutaneous fat

What types of mobile phones that Belly Fit support?

Belly Fit Z1 supports mobile phones with USB Type-C interface and Android system 7.0 and above.
Micro USB interface mobile phones can only be used with the corresponding USB data cable.

Where can I download Belly Fit App?

1. Application market
China: Application market, 360 mobile assistant application market, search for "Belly Fit" to download.

Overseas: Googleplay app store, search for "Belly Fit" to download.

Scan QR code
Scan the QR code on the Z1 gift box or go to Marvoto official website ---> "APP Download" download the QR code OR the QR code below:

Is Belly Fit waterproof?

Belly Fit are designed according to IPX7 waterproof rating, expect the USB interface which is not waterproof.
* The IPX7 waterproof rating is defined as: passing the short-term diving test of 0.15m-1m to prevent the impact of short-term immersion. (Source: GB 4208-2008 / IEC 60529: 2001 enclosure protection level (IP code) standard)

What is the fat and thin determination standard

Does Belly Fit support IOS system?

No. Currently Belly Fit only supports Android system.