Q&A Z2

QWhat is Muscle & Fat Z2?

AThe Muscle & Fat Z2 can measure the thickness of subcutaneous fat (the distance from the epidermis to the outer fascia of the muscle layer, including the thickness of the epidermis, dermis, and fat layer) and the thickness of the subcutaneous muscle layer of a specific part of the body. Help people who are losing weight and sculpting to carry out body shape monitoring to further control their body shape and improve their health.


QWhat is the operation principle of Muscle & Fat Z2?

AMuscle & Fat Z2 uses the principle of ultrasound

Ultrasound is a sound wave with a frequency exceeding 20000 Hz. Ultrasound has the characteristics of directional propagation, reflectivity, and non-invasiveness, so it is often used for ultrasound imaging of human body. Muscle & Fat Z2 uses the ultrasonic sensor to transmit and receive ultrasonic signals, and uses electrical signal processing and digital processing to generate ultrasound images of human subcutaneous tissue. Using the algorithm calculates the thickness of subcutaneous fat on the image and displays it on the APP.


QWhat body parts can Muscle & Fat Z2 measure?

AMuscle & Fat Z2 provides “Waist”, “Abdomen”, “Arm”, “Thigh” and “Calf” for fat measurement and supports to explore the muscle of “Abdomen”, “Arms-Front”, “Thighs” and “Calf “. More measure parts are developing.


QIs Muscle & Fat Z2 age-appropriate for everyone?

ARecommended for adults over 18 years of age, there may be some errors in the measurement under age 18.


QWhy apply coupling the gel when measuring?

AAn ultrasonic coupling gel is a gel made with water as the main ingredient. During the ultrasound send the sound wave to the body, the air between the ultrasound probe (ultrasonic sensor) and the skin will reflect the ultrasound. To minimize this difference, a suitable coupling gel has to be utilized., a clearer image will be conducted. The coupling gel also makes it easier for the probe to slide on the skin.

Clean with paper towel after the measurement completed.


Q: How much Gel should be applied?

A: Too much or too little Gel may cause errors. If you find that the Gel on the skin is little or dry out during the measurement, please add it in time to avoid affecting the measurement.

Gel can be purchased on Marvoto’s official website.


QDoes the degree of pressing (the device to the skin) when measuring affect the result?

AYes. Excessive pressing (obviously skin is depressed) will cause the result become smaller.

When measuring, keep the ultrasonic sensor in full contact with the skin or press lightly. It is recommended to adjust the pressure according to the ultrasound image.


QWhy there is a big discrepancy in my measurements?

AThe pressing pressure, not measuring the same point, the angle between device and skin and the amount of coupling gel will affect the measurement result. It is recommended to pressing the device lightly to the skin when measuring, and try to measure the same point every time, and keep the device perpendicular to the skin.


QWhy fail to get the result

AAfter the test, the APP cannot display the data. Most of the reasons are because it did not operate a correct or clear ultrasound image, which caused the algorithm to fail to identify the fat layer.

The ultrasound image not displayed or displayed in APP is incorrect or not clear.

  • There are no bright, continuous white lines (fascia) on the ultrasound image.

1) Check whether the measurement method is correct;

2) Check whether the Gel is missing or dry, and add Gel in time;

3) Check whether the ultrasonic sensor is in good contact with the skin during sliding measurement.

Please adjust and try several times until a bright white line (fascia) detected by ultrasound sensor and displayed in the image.

  • The white lines in the ultrasound image are too many and chaotic.

It shows that the subcutaneous tissue structure of the current measurement site is complex, the algorithm is difficult to identify.

Please try moving to a nearby area to see if the image improves.


QCan Muscle & Fat Z2 measure visceral fat?

ANo. The Muscle & Fat Z2 measures subcutaneous fat and cannot measure visceral fat.


QWhich systems does the Muscle & Fat Z2 support?

AMuscle & Fat Z2 supports Bluetooth 4.2 and above versions of Android (Android 7.0 and above) and iOS (iOS 9.0 and above) mobile phones or Pads.


QHow to connect Muscle & Fat Z2?

A 1)Turn on the device Z2;

2)Turn on the Bluetooth of APP device;

3)Wait for the APP to automatically search for the Z2 device;

Or click the ”     ” icon in the upper right corner of the homepage to actively search for Z2 device connection.


QThe Muscle & Fat Z2 cannot be turned on?

AShort press the power button to turn on the device. If the light does not on after pressing the power button for a while, it may be because the device is out of power. Please charge the device and try again.

QCan’t find the Muscle & Fat Z2?

A1) Confirm that the device is turned on (the indicator light flashes slowly in blue);

2) Make sure that no other mobile phones or Pads are connected to the device; (If there are other mobile phones or Pads connected to the device, the indicator light is always blue, and you can turn off the Bluetooth of the other mobile phones or Pads to disconnect)

3) Confirm that the GPS location service function of the mobile phone is turned on.


QMuscle & Fat Z2 is disconnected during use:

A: Check if you have accidentally turned off the Bluetooth of your mobile phone or the device has shut down because of no power.


QHow many mobile phones or Pads can be connected to the Muscle & Fat Z2 at the same time?

A: When the Muscle & Fat Z2 is turned on, it can only be used with one mobile phone or Pads at a time.


Q: Can the Muscle & Fat Z2 be used while charging?

A: The Muscle & Fat Z2 will automatically shut down when it enters the charging state. Please turn it on when it is not charging.


Q: The firmware upgrade fails or the Bluetooth software upgrade fails?

A 1) Ensure that the normal connection between the Z2 device and the App device is maintained during the upgrade;

2) Confirm that the network connection of the App device is normal;

3) After the upgrade fails, re-upgrade again to see if it can be successful, if it still does not work, try with another App device.