How to turn on/off the device?

Turn on: Press and hold on 3s until the mode indicator light turns on.

The device is ready when the connection indicator light flash red and blue alternately.

Turn off: Press and hold on 3s until the power light off.

Failure to turn on the device normally.

1.Three lamps are all off.

1) Please plug in the adapter to turn on the power, try to boot.

2)If you still can’t turn it on after step 1, please contact after-sales technical support.

2.Only power lamp is on

1) Press and hold the power button for 3s until the lamp off, wait for 1min, restart the device.

2) If the device still can’t be turned on, please contact after-sales technical support.

How to add device?

Click “Add Device”of the homepage after sign up or login, or go to the page “Add Device” through the “+” icon in the upper right corner to add it.

iOS system:

Step 1: Turn on the device → confirm if the connection indicator light is flashing red and blue alternately → if yes, the device is ready;

Step 2: Connect the device: follow the prompt of APP, select the Wi-Fi named “Marvoto_M1_****”in WLAN page of phone “settings”, enter the default password 12345678.→ Open the APP again and click the “Connect” button on homepage, and you will find the connection is successful;

Android system:

Step 1: Turn on the device → confirm if the connection indicator light is flashing red and blue alternately → if yes, the device is ready;

Step 2: Sign up/Login → “Add Device” → Connect as the prompt.

Can't find the device during the “Add Device” process?

1) Please confirm whether the device has started normally (the connection indicator flashes red and blue alternately, the mode light is always on, and the power light is on);

2) Click the “Search Device” button again by the page prompt to try to search again;

* Search for devices needs to enable WLAN service and location service, please follow the prompts.

3) If you still cannot find the device after step 1) and 2), try to connect manually via mobile phone. Go to the “Wi-Fi” page of the phone “Settings” → check if there is a Wi-Fi hotspot for the device → If there is a Wi-Fi named Marvoto_M1_**, input default password 12345678 to connect it.

Failed to connect the camera.

Reboot the camera if the connection indicator light doesn’t flash blue and red alternately. If it does not work still, please contact the after-sales technical support.

Device is always in an unconnected state.

1. Confirm that the device is connected normally, and the connection indicator is steady blue.

2. Open the Device Details page and check whether the current connection of the device is Wi-Fi named after Marvoto_M1_**.

How to delete a device?
  1. Click the “SN No./SSID” line above the device picture in home page to enter the “Switch Device” page.
  2. Press and hold the rounded rectangle area, delete the device by the pop-up window.
What conditions need to disconnect the device and switch to another network?

The device must be connected to the mobile phone via Wi-Fi named Marvoto_M1_** when shooting. In this case, APP cannot access the Internet.

Please disconnecting the phone from the device and switch Wi-Fi named Marvoto_M1_** to other current networks under the following situation.

  1. Modify the information of the personal center
  2. Write baby diary
  3. When you submit your photo to beautify

* Different mobile phones may have different ways of connecting to other networks due to differences in operating systems. If you cannot connect to other networks automatically after disconnecting from the device, please manually select the Wi-Fi through the “Settings” —“Wi-Fi” page of the phone.

Does ultrasound have radiation?

There is no ionizing radiation from ultrasound, the principle is the same as hospital using, no harmful if you operate it properly.

Will flammable, explosive, etc. occur?

No, M1 fetus camera has got the CE certification, moreover, it would be produced strictly.

Who can use it?

Duration of pregnancy from 16 weeks to 35 weeks.

Can be used for medical identity?

The product is not a medical equipment, it is just for recording of fetus growth, not for medical identity.

What is the using frequency?

It is suggested not to exceed twice a week with an interval 2-3 days, each time 10min at most.

Unable to connect the device.

Log out after deleting previous binding devices, try to connect the device again.

Why are photos can’t be submitted?

Please make sure your network is not the Wi-Fi “Marvoto_M1_**”, but other current networks.

Does the sensor at the bottom of the camera vibrate too much or make an abnormal noise?

When taking pictures with a fetus camera, it is normal for the sensor at the bottom of the camera to sense slight vibration and subtle sound due to motor drive. If the bottom sensor vibrates too much or if you hear unusual noise, stop using the device and contact after-sales technical support.

Didn’t see the video after press “shoot” button.
  1. Please confirm that the device and APP are connected properly.
  2. Try to exit, re-enter the shooting interface

iOS system:

1) Double-click the Home button to enter the background program, slide up to end the APP run.

2) Open the app again, click the “Ready to take photo” button on the homepage to try to enter the camera interface and shoot again.

Android system:

1) Back to the “shoot” page and make a video again to wait for the video output.

2) If operation 1) is invalid, click the “Close” icon in the upper left corner of the page to return to the home page, and click the “Ready to take photos” button to enter the photo interface to re-shoot;

3. Click the “shoot” button to confirm if the sensor at the bottom of the camera is rotating. If not, please reboot the device.

What’s the “Photo Enhancement”? (Art photos for baby)

“Photo Enhancement” is a service that manually recover, beautify and retouch the photos you submitted by Marvoto technicians.

For example, remove some complex and useless information (such as the uterus wall, the placenta etc.); Recover the missing part; Retouch the photo tones of baby, etc. The baby will be present more lovely.

How does the “Photo Enhancement” work?

Step 1: Screenshot and save from the video. (video is unable to be enhance)

Step2: Select the photo which you want to enhance from your album and submit.

Step3: Waiting for the beautified process (within 24h)

Step4: Browse the photos from your Beauty Album.

What is the Photo Enhancement Package

Users who purchase a fetus camera can enjoy 40 photos of free enhancement services.

More requirement, please contact Marvoto after sales services or refer to the information published in the official website. (www.marvoto.com)

Original Photo


Beautified Photo

How to daily storage and protection?
  • The camera is a kind of precision equipment. Please put it back to the package box when it is not in use;
  • The sensor at the bottom of the unit should be protected from dropping or hitting since it is a core component;
  • Do not scratch the acoustic probe with sharp objects;
  • Keep the acoustic probe away from corrosive harmful substances;
  • Avoid water, dust, insects and other foreign matter invasion to the Heat emission hole;
  • Keep the camera away from the humid environment;
  • Do not place the camera in an environment where the temperature is above 55 ° C or below -20 ° C;
How to cleaning and maintenance?

Cleaning tool: Wipe cloth, cleaner, clean water

Cleaning steps:

  • Please turn off the unit power before cleaning.
  • Dust removal: Clean with wet cloth. Gently wipe the unit and the sensor surface, then dry the surface of the equipment with a dried cloth or paper towel.
  • Stain removal: Dab a small amount of cleanser and gently wipe off the dirt. Dry up and gently wipe again. Finally wipe with dry cloth or paper towel dry equipment on the surface of the water.
  • Cleaning the heat emission hole: To maintain good heat dissipation, do not obstruct the heat emission hole. If there is dust or foreign matter blocking the heat sink, please gently pick out with the cotton swab or toothpick.

Precautions for cleaning:

  • Do not spray the liquid directly onto the equipment to avoid the liquid entering the equipment;
  • Do not use alcohol, bleach, ammonium chloride mixture, hydrogen peroxide solution to wipe ultrasonic sensor.

For more questions, please refer to the instructions(User Manual>>